Homemade Raw Food Supplement

While some people say that a raw meat and bone diet is enough, I am more apt to go with it is a great start but there are still other needs that need to be met and also other foods that can enhance your pet.. In this video I will show you a “treat” that I make for my dogs and foster dogs that is given on a daily basis… Over the next several days, I will tell you why I have chosen each  element of this doggie smoothie (it is really only a smoothie when first prepared as it partially solidifies in the fridge, which makes it really easy to scoop out and serve)  I can tell you that it is early summer in the South and I have not had to use a flea preventative since I started serving it last year, no more urinary tract infections, nice coats and I hope overall better health (which only time wil tell) Bonus is that they love it!! This “recipe” is based on 50 lb dog with no allergies to any ingredients used, as with any supplement please discuss with your vet and do your homework before starting…Bon appetit!!!


5 thoughts on “Homemade Raw Food Supplement

  1. I followed your supplement to the T minus the parsley and I used kale instead of greens. Our 3 year old 85lb seems to have handled it fine. Our newly adopted pit which is 60lbs and 1 year old just threw everything up 15 mins later. I did give the older bigger more than the young guy as well. Is this normal? Any suggestions? I should also mention that I’m transitioning to raw and I gave the supplement 20 mins after meal bc I was getting ready to leave and wanted to see how they reacted to it. Thanks for the video and the informational website.

    • I would probably give this to him on an empty stomach and do a small amount just to see if he throws it up. I have never had a dog throw it up, but i would imagine that if he was allergic to anything in the smoothie that he could do that.. Let me know how it goes!

  2. The vinegar and yogurt together don’t create a problem? You keep it in the fridge for a week correct? Do you ever freeze it? I added some spirulina to mine too. Is that ok?

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