Yet another reason to feed raw….

Food irradiating.. yep, let’s just zap all the nutritional content out of the food you are feeding your dog and guess what? Dog food manufacturers won’t have to disclose that the food has been irradiated.. Feeding raw food is the way to go!!!


Variety is the spice of life!

barf-or-raw-diets-for-dogs_86537028_s300x300So, when talking about feeding your doggies.. we need to remember to really mix it up. It is the healthiest in the long run and will also help avoid allergies which sometimes develop when feeding the same thing ALL the time!  When starting feeding raw it is recommended that you start with a single protein, usually chicken for about 2 weeks and then introduce another say beef or venison for a week and so on….  Keep trying different proteins, unless of course, you find yours has an allergy to it.. Duck, Turkey, Quail, Rabbit, Bison, Pork  Fish, Eggs and more (all these but the fish and eggs will be available at in the near future) . Green Tripe is another excellent protein source and is found whole and ground. We’ll go into further discussion of Tripe soon! We’ll also talk ratios of meat to bone to organ meat and more!

Questions? Ask me!