The benefit of Tumeric for Dogs

Turmeric powder 薑黃粉

Turmeric powder 薑黃粉 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tumeric is another one of the ingredients I put in my homemade doggie smoothie and it has many benefits for humans and our canine family members… Tumeric is a natural pain reliever and in Eastern medicine has been used for blood purifying, detoxing, disinfecting wounds, treat diarrhea and eradicate ringworm.  Here in the Western world, turmeric is being researched as one of the most powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which cause the painful inflammation and damage to joints, so can be a great additive for your dogs overall health and especially if suffering from arthritis.

Combine turmeric with honey and with the fact that both turmeric and honey are natural antiseptics and antibacterial agents, and you’ve got a powerful salve that’s useful for disinfecting and treating skin. But,watch out as your dog might think it is a treat!

There is lots of promising benefits to preventing cancer too!!

Other uses include

  • Helps relieve allergies
  • Helps in preventing the formation of cataracts
  • Used in treating depression
  • Kills parasites
  • Heals stomach ailments, aids in digestive disorders, and reduces gas and bloating
  • Acts as a binding agent and therefore great for treating diarrhea (Make sure you have lots of water available for your pet to drink!)
  • Aids in fat metabolism and weight management
  • High in fiber and rich in vitamins and mineral

How much to feed? 1/8 – 1/4 tps1 per 10lbs of weight..You can put it over the top of their food, but make sure they have plenty of water or you can make a slurry or in my case I add it into their smoothie!!!


Making the switch to raw dog food

Here is some great information on making the switch to raw dog food and what you can expect.. Yes, mucous covered poop is a good sign that detoxification is happening!

Don’t be afraid, dive into improving your dog’s health and energy levels!

Yet another reason to feed raw….

Food irradiating.. yep, let’s just zap all the nutritional content out of the food you are feeding your dog and guess what? Dog food manufacturers won’t have to disclose that the food has been irradiated.. Feeding raw food is the way to go!!!

Homemade Raw Food Supplement

While some people say that a raw meat and bone diet is enough, I am more apt to go with it is a great start but there are still other needs that need to be met and also other foods that can enhance your pet.. In this video I will show you a “treat” that I make for my dogs and foster dogs that is given on a daily basis… Over the next several days, I will tell you why I have chosen each  element of this doggie smoothie (it is really only a smoothie when first prepared as it partially solidifies in the fridge, which makes it really easy to scoop out and serve)  I can tell you that it is early summer in the South and I have not had to use a flea preventative since I started serving it last year, no more urinary tract infections, nice coats and I hope overall better health (which only time wil tell) Bonus is that they love it!! This “recipe” is based on 50 lb dog with no allergies to any ingredients used, as with any supplement please discuss with your vet and do your homework before starting…Bon appetit!!!