Yet another reason to feed raw….

Food irradiating.. yep, let’s just zap all the nutritional content out of the food you are feeding your dog and guess what? Dog food manufacturers won’t have to disclose that the food has been irradiated.. Feeding raw food is the way to go!!!


Homemade Raw Food Supplement

While some people say that a raw meat and bone diet is enough, I am more apt to go with it is a great start but there are still other needs that need to be met and also other foods that can enhance your pet.. In this video I will show you a “treat” that I make for my dogs and foster dogs that is given on a daily basis… Over the next several days, I will tell you why I have chosen each  element of this doggie smoothie (it is really only a smoothie when first prepared as it partially solidifies in the fridge, which makes it really easy to scoop out and serve)  I can tell you that it is early summer in the South and I have not had to use a flea preventative since I started serving it last year, no more urinary tract infections, nice coats and I hope overall better health (which only time wil tell) Bonus is that they love it!! This “recipe” is based on 50 lb dog with no allergies to any ingredients used, as with any supplement please discuss with your vet and do your homework before starting…Bon appetit!!!

Feeding raw fish

Today was FISH DAY!! Once a week we feed our dogs raw fish.. We live on the coast so it is inexpensive and fresh.. From what all I have studied, saltwater fish is preferred over freshwater fish and you never want to feed raw salmon or trout as they can have a parasite that can be fatal to dogs. You can feed them cooked but will want to take out the bones once cooked and then the benefit of raw is gone also.. If you don’t have access to whole fresh fish, then sardines canned in water and without salt are great! And if it is cost prohibitive to feed an entire meal of it adding a can or two a week to your regular feeding regimen is a great addition of fish oils and calcium to their diets..Your dogs will thank you! The following video is me feeding raw fish, it is kinda yucky!

Variety is the spice of life!

barf-or-raw-diets-for-dogs_86537028_s300x300So, when talking about feeding your doggies.. we need to remember to really mix it up. It is the healthiest in the long run and will also help avoid allergies which sometimes develop when feeding the same thing ALL the time!  When starting feeding raw it is recommended that you start with a single protein, usually chicken for about 2 weeks and then introduce another say beef or venison for a week and so on….  Keep trying different proteins, unless of course, you find yours has an allergy to it.. Duck, Turkey, Quail, Rabbit, Bison, Pork  Fish, Eggs and more (all these but the fish and eggs will be available at in the near future) . Green Tripe is another excellent protein source and is found whole and ground. We’ll go into further discussion of Tripe soon! We’ll also talk ratios of meat to bone to organ meat and more!

Questions? Ask me!

Are bones scary?

RMB or Raw Meaty Bones are an important part of your dog’s diet.. However, when you first start feeding them it can be scary. I mean weren’t we told not to give dogs chicken bones? And what about a whole fish? That is crazy!  Well, the answer is yes if cooked as the bones can splinter, but fed raw is fantastic as long as size appropriate for your dog and it is great for exercising the jaws, cleaning teeth and providing required calcium.. RMB’s are different than recreational bones such as cow femur bones (soup bones) and other “weight bearing” bones, in the fact that Raw Meaty Bones are meant to be consumed and recreational bones are just there to chew on for a short period of time and to get the marrow out of and then they should be taken back up. Some people don’t like recreational bones in the fact that they can break or crack teeth but I have not had a problem with them..

Still scared?  I can tell you the first time I gave my dogs a chicken quarter I couldn’t watch, I was right near them, but couldn’t watch..But, we’ve never had an issue with a dog choking and they absolutely love it!  Also, if you have a gulper, don’t be surprised if it comes back up, it’s natures way of slowing them down into eating more managable pieces.